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21. Film Major. Photography Minor.

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#tbt to hanging with @neilmcneil at the @geekandsundry party at #SDCC - I sent this pic to my sister to make her jealous.
FINALLY got to see @showrunnersfilm this weekend. Me + @gutograms looking mysterious with director Des Doyle. #NYCC

Our own hollandfarkas will be on this panel! Check it out if you’re at New York Comic Con.
New media – old problems. The explosion of digital media as a creative platform is a game-changer for content creation and sharing. But the challenge in building diversity across this platform is no different from any other media revolution. Indeed, women have become a strong voice on the web, but there’s work still to be done. Some of the most successful and visible women in geek media weigh in on the challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome the obstacles to build brands that resonate.
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EXCELLENT turn out for my first on-site panel. I learned a lot from the lovely ladies I panel-ed with. Until next year New York Comic Con…

Thursday’s vlog was about the latest news on the new Ghostbusters movie.

Side note to everyone commenting “It’s not Ghostbusters 3 it’s a reboot” I straight up say that Feig established this film as taking place before the originals and not messing with the existing canon so yeah… a reboot. I said that? CONFUSED AS TO WHY EVERYONE FEELS THE NEED TO CORRECT PEOPLE ON THE INTERWEBBBZ. 

Panel selfie! #NYCC #womeningeekmedia
Look ma! People came to my panel!
Game Director of TT Games @arthurp8 was rocking the most stellar Batman converse
Smile dip! Come find me at #NYCC — I have buttons. …But not smile dip, I ate that.
'Tis the season for spooky nails. I only fucked these up a little bit. #naileditEC @espionage_cosmetics
How I feel when someone brings me free coffee.